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Grallator has considerable experience in producing software and multimedia for educational purposes. This uses the specialist scientific and mathematical knowledge of Grallator in conjunction with its industrial experience to produce examples that are visually appealing and that can relate curriculum topics to “real-world” application.

Look at the basic properties of a wave. The wave length gives the distance between any two equivalent points on a wave (one peak to another is one example) - turn on the wave box and drag it around using the mouse to see this more clearly. The amplitude tells you high high the peaks are.

Grallator was contracted by MEI and the Royal Academy of Engineering to produce an extensive series of resources to support the teaching of the Level 3 Engineering Diploma. On-line examples

Can you swap the red and green frogs? Click the “Rules” button for more information.

This simulation gives a resource that can help introduce the concept of dynamic chemical equilibrium. Press i for help!